Floratam (St. Augustine): Is the most common type of sod in coastal Florida.  If properly maintained, it is a life time lawn. It is a very dense sod, which grows by sending out runners which cover new areas over time. Floratam is a full sun grass which requires at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. It has large flat stems and broad coarse leaves with a dark green color. It has to be watered frequently, so an irrigation system is recommended with this type of grass. 
CitraBlue®: (St. Augustine): the newest St. Augustinegrass from the University of Florida was developed to solve lawn disease issues and to be a dramatic improvement over Florida’s most common grass, Floratam St. Augustine. Not only is the disease resistance of CitraBlue improved, but it also may be one of the top grasses for shady landscapes. As its name implies, CitraBlue features a distinct blue color.
Zoysia: Grows during the wet season and is dormant in the drier, cooler months. It is popular because of its fine texture and soft feel, and its’ excellent resistance to insects and diseases. It can form dense mats and is excellent in high traffic areas. It requires less maintenance and water than with other types of warm season grasses. 
Bermuda: Grass is a perennial sod, dark green, drought resistant, low growing, fast repairing, has fair salt tolerance, can be mowed closely, forms a dense turf, goes dormant when temperatures drop below 60 degrees and greens up fast when temperatures rise. Bermuda grass requires quite a bit of maintenance, and upkeep.
Bahia: Is the most common pasture grass in Florida, and has a much higher drought tolerance. Bahia has a thin blade and sends up narrow stalks with black seed pods to spread. The grass will thin out over time and has a low tolerance to many weed control herbicides. It is also less expensive than Floratam.
Palmetto St. Augustine (Palmetto): Palmetto has a vivid emerald green color and a finer texture. Palmetto had superior shade, cold, frost and drought tolerance. 
Watering: Is critical to the health of your new sod; we recommend watering as follows:
Water sod daily for the first 30 days, regardless of what type of sod you have. Watering should be done in the morning (before 8 a.m.) to decrease the chance of fungus growth on your new lawn. For an example, you can run each zone for a 40 minute cycle or you can run, two 20 minute cycles back to back (times may vary due to some applications), During the hotter or drier months you might have to water twice a day. New sod is exempt from the water restriction for the first 30 days, but check with your local county for exact regulations.
Mowing: Should not be done until your sod has fully taken root. This can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. When roots have take, the lawn should be mowed to a height of 3-4 inches for Floratam and Bahia and 1-2 inches for Zoysia, Seville and Bermuda. Make sure that your mower blade is sharp, if it’s not it will tear the lawn instead of cutting it. 
Fertilizing: Your lawn should be fertilized 30 days after installation. We recommend that you not use a weed and feed product on your new lawn. Purchase a fertilizer that is meant for the type of sod installed. 
Common Concerns:
* Make sure sprinklers are set properly for correct duration and the number of days. If not set properly this could lead to over or under watering problems.
* Chinch bugs are about one-fifth of an inch long and black with white wings folded over their backs. They are most damaging to St. Augustine grass. Please contact your local pest control office, if your lawn is being inundated with these pests.
* During the first few weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn. This gives the roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil, and insures that the turf will remain smooth.

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