Scotts ProVista St. Augustine: ProVista is a dense, and grows horizontally which can cut your mowing in half. ProVista can resist the active ingredient found in RoundUp. ProVista has a deep green color and thrives in full sun and exhibits improved performance in moderate shade.
Floratam (St. Augustine): Is the most common type of sod in coastal Florida.  If properly maintained, it is a life time lawn. It is a very dense sod, which grows by sending out runners which cover new areas over time. Floratam is a full sun grass which requires at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. It has large flat stems and broad coarse leaves with a dark green color. It has to be watered frequently, so an irrigation system is recommended with this type of grass.
Seville: (St. Augustine): It is a semi dwarf St Augustine Grass used in lawns throughout SW Florida. Seville has excellent compact horizontal growth due to its dwarf composition, and it requires less mowing than most grasses. Its uniform texture, rich dark green color and shorter, narrower leaf blade give it a distinctive plush appearance. Seville has been proven to be one of the highest ranked, shade tolerant St Augustine grasses, yet does well in full sun. Seville has excellent cold tolerance with good color retention and spring green up under moderate fertilization.
Zoysia: Grows during the wet season and is dormant in the drier, cooler months. It is popular because of its fine texture and soft feel, and its’ excellent resistance to insects and diseases. It can form dense mats and is excellent in high traffic areas. It requires less maintenance and water than with other types of warm season grasses.
Bermuda: Grass is a perennial sod, dark green, drought resistant, low growing, fast repairing, has fair salt tolerance, can be mowed closely, forms a dense turf, goes dormant when temperatures drop below 60 degrees and greens up fast when temperatures rise. Bermuda grass requires quite a bit of maintenance, and upkeep.
Bahia: Is the most common pasture grass in Florida, and has a much higher drought tolerance. Bahia has a thin blade and sends up narrow stalks with black seed pods to spread. The grass will thin out over time and has a low tolerance to many weed control herbicides. It is also less expensive than Floratam.
Palmetto St. Augustine (Palmetto): Palmetto has a vivid emerald green color and a finer texture. Palmetto had superior shade, cold, frost and drought tolerance.

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